How do I check the status of my order?
      We’ve also sent you a  tracking link in your shipping confirmation email, which will have details on the whereabouts of your package. If your order has been marked delivered and you can’t find it, please click here for more tips.
Tracking an International Package
      If you are an international customer, you will be able to track your package with your country’s postal system using the same tracking ID we sent in your shipping confirmation email.
      Depending on where you live, your post office may hold your package at a pick up point or there may be customs fees due before they can deliver your sauces. It helps to try tracking your package on your postal service’s website or to contact your local postal branch directly first if you have questions about final delivery.
Can I return my order?
      You can return an order when the outer packaging is unopened right away by simply writing "return to sender" on the shipping label and putting the package back in your mailbox/handing it to your postal worker.